Monday, October 15, 2012

Be Hungry for Self-Love

by Lisa Beck

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What is hunger?

Hunger is a burning desire, a wanting, a draw towards something. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual. It can be destructive or supportive and transformational.

You want to quench that hunger. You want to feed the beast. You want to feel full and drunk with satisfaction.

Is your tummy rumbling yet? 

The hunger we are talking about here is about love. All of us are already hungry for it, some of us are desperate for it, but we often mistake it for other things and call it by different names.
  • A boyfriend.
  • Meaningful friendships.
  • Food.
  • Connection. 
  • Recognition.
  • Sex.
  • Success. 
  • Approval.
  • Big house.
  • New car.
  • Ideal body. 
The hunger you feel for any or all of the above can be satisfied by two simple words.


Yes, it is that easy my friends. Well, no one said it was easy...but to me this simplifies things in such a powerful way. You do need discipline, dedication and commitment. You do need to recognize the source of your pain and where your desires come from. But once you begin to recognize and realize that the longing you feel is all about self-love, the road gets a little smoother and you are able to navigate it with greater skill and confidence.

Instead of thinking about all of the things we want and the desires we have (and our lack-of), we can focus our attention on caring for our bodies, minds, and spirits. We can focus on simple ways to care for and nurture ourselves instead of wondering how in the world we will get the guy, the dream job, the best body, etc.

Once you begin to narrow and direct your focus towards self-love, your other desires and wants will fall into place naturally and organically. 

So how do we do this?

The next time you have the thought, "I need to make more money" or "I want someone to share this life with", stop and ask yourself the following questions:
  • How can I experience abundance in my life in this moment, right now? 
  • What can I do in this moment to feel the abundance around me? 
  • Take a walk in nature? 
  • Visit with a friend who loves and supports me?
  • Who can I reach out to and share my gifts with in this moment? 
  • How can I love and nurture myself more? 
  • Take a bath? 
  • Rest and write in my journal? 
  • Get a massage?
Ponder and answer these questions, and stop yourself before you get into a negative thought pattern. Be your best friend and counselor. Put the focus on nurturing self-care and self-love. 

Be hungry for self-love. If you feel that longing towards something, quench that hunger with self-love practices.

Some of our favorites:

Know that all of your desires lead to one thing. Love.

The love that you give yourself is the greatest love that you can express. 

You are a divine being. Joy and bliss are your birthright. Claim it and own it.

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