Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Adorned

by Lisa Beck
photo by Vijay Rakhra
  • to lend beauty to
  • to enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments 
Adorn yourself. Be adorned.

Beautify yourself...inside + out.


Every day is a celebration. A celebration of life, of living, of learning and loving.

Why not dress for the occasion? We are women.

We are beauty embodied.

Don't think so?

Well I think it is time to take a better look at yourself.

Your incredible gifts and talents.

Your beautiful skin or your sparkling eyes.

Your strong legs or your warm smile.

In high school and college I didn't celebrate my femininity and beauty as much as I do now. I wore baggy clothes with boyish styles....not because I loved to, but because I wanted to hide my body and my flaws. I didn't want to draw attention.

I also wasn't fully able (or ready) to celebrate and honor my inner beauty - the gifts I was given to share with the world. I had glimpses of this beauty, but wasn't ready to fully embrace it.

Part of self-love is seeing our beauty, our uniqueness and celebrating it. I didn't fully love myself back then and that is o.k. It took some time, but here I am now...loving me...in all of my imperfection and unique beauty.

So, are you interested in celebrating who you are through adornment? I hope so.

Adorning myself makes me feel prettier, more confident, powerful and soft.

I invite you to try it. 

Adorn Thyself

  1. Pick one aspect of your outward appearance that is pleasing to you.
  2. Pick one quality that you admire in yourself (I know you can find one)
  3. Find something in your closet or beauty drawer that makes your heart smile. 
  4. Beautify yourself and as you look in the mirror, say "You are beautiful. You are wise. You are here to sparkle and shine and share your gifts. I love you."

You don't have to take hours and you don't have to go way beyond your comfort zone. Make it fun. Make it part of your morning ritual. 

Add a little color, a splash of sparkle, a hint of shimmer, a scent of rose, jasmine, or lavender (or all 3).

Then "adorn" your inner beauty.

What does that mean? It means you stand a little taller, breathe more deeply, and speak with purpose and passion. Feel softer in your body and expanded in your heart.

Allow your inner beauty to sparkle and shine, too. 

You deserve to be celebrated.

You are a Goddess.

Why do we need a special occasion to don extra bangles or enhance our inner and outer beauty?

Today is the day.

Now is the time.

We want to know...how do you adorn yourself? What is your favorite piece of adornment? How does it make you feel? How do you celebrate your beauty and femininity? Please respond in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Celebrate Your Light

by Lisa Beck

photo from http://www.gujaratisamaj.org

Yesterday marked the beginning of Diwali 2012, the grand festival of lights in India.

Diwali celebrates goodness and light over darkness and evil.

Candles are lit, sweets are shared, families are gathered, and a grand celebration ensues for 5 days.

So in the spirit of this festival of light, we ask you:
  • How can you bring forth more of your inner light and goodness right now?
  • How can you cultivate more brightness, lightness, and love in your daily experience?
  • How can you honor and celebrate the good within?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Receive from the Universe

by Aparna Khanolkar

photo by rs thurston

How do you receive from the Universe?

By first believing that the Universe supports you. Your thoughts create your reality. If you believe that the Universe wants abundance for you, then you will attract it. No excuses, pity parties or entanglements with your past.

Regardless of your past, you can create what you want by your willingness to receive.

The Universe is always listening to you. Your every thought is heard in the remote corners of this vast and infinite Universe. So, what are you saying to yourself each day? Negative stories about how nothing works for you or how no one supports you? Changing that broken record is the first step to being ready to receive.

Life is about the expansion of your happiness. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Be Hungry for Self-Love

by Lisa Beck

image from swatinstitute.com
What is hunger?

Hunger is a burning desire, a wanting, a draw towards something. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual. It can be destructive or supportive and transformational.

You want to quench that hunger. You want to feed the beast. You want to feel full and drunk with satisfaction.

Is your tummy rumbling yet? 

Monday, September 17, 2012

You are Timeless Beauty

by Aparna Khanolkar & Lisa Beck

This body is perishable. That is a fact. This skin, this face, these limbs in its full glory and beauty now will change its form. As we age, we notice these changes and choose to either embrace or resist them. We have an opportunity to gracefully transition into a new kind of beauty, a more radiant light and spirit.

But what is beauty anyway? 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cultivate Passionate Devotion

by Aparna Khanolkar

Each of us have a seed of passionate devotion that sprouts when our soul recognizes its highest path. Have you felt it? What is your experience?

When your highest path is revealed to you from within you, passionate devotion is what takes you from a dreamer to someone who makes it happen. You can’t help but makes things happen. You have unending energy and excitement to fulfill your dharma. You don’t hesitate to do what needs to be done. Work is not work anymore. Hard work is a term that does not exist in your vocabulary.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Body Bliss Warm Up

by Lisa Beck

I am passionate about connecting women with their bodies through sacred dance + sensual movement.

I invite you to honor and celebrate your sacred body temple every single day.

At Grace, Power, & Beauty, we invite you to take time each day to care for and love yourself. Add daily rituals in which you nurture and care for your body, mind, & soul.