Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Receive from the Universe

by Aparna Khanolkar

photo by rs thurston

How do you receive from the Universe?

By first believing that the Universe supports you. Your thoughts create your reality. If you believe that the Universe wants abundance for you, then you will attract it. No excuses, pity parties or entanglements with your past.

Regardless of your past, you can create what you want by your willingness to receive.

The Universe is always listening to you. Your every thought is heard in the remote corners of this vast and infinite Universe. So, what are you saying to yourself each day? Negative stories about how nothing works for you or how no one supports you? Changing that broken record is the first step to being ready to receive.

Life is about the expansion of your happiness. 

Is that contrary to what you believe? When you say your goodbye to suffering and self-pity and walk the path of worthiness and confidence, you will be ready to receive from the Universe.

When your mind starts chattering, repeating the same old story or you feel your energy diving into that abyss of misery, follow these steps to make the leap to feeling deserving.

How do you make that leap?
  1. Love yourself each and every day.
  2. Start meditating.
  3. Do something physical every day - walk, swim, yoga, dance, run.
  4. Surround yourself with friends and mentors who support you.
  5. Receive. This is a feminine quality. Stop trying to do everything and force things to happen. Allow, sit back, and watch things unfold.
  6. Write a new story about your worthiness.
  7. Make a list of 5 qualities that you wish to cultivate. (mine are affluent, powerful, innovative, connected and divine)
  8. Change your subconscious by focusing on these new ideas of yourself.
  9. Gratitude is the attitude. Be grateful for everything that you receive, even if it is small and seemingly insignificant. 
  10. When you do receive, enjoy it. Show appreciation. Recognize and celebrate it.
Your willingness to make the leap is the degree to which you are ready to receive from the Universe. It doesn’t hurt a bit to make these inner changes. Yes, at first it will seem like a task. Things you have to remember. Like watching your thoughts. Saying “no thank you” to your ego when it starts singing the ol’ tune of “woe is me.” Remember this is the training phase. You are training your mind and subconscious to tell a different story.

You can choose growing pains by resisting or have growing pleasures by allowing, receving and enjoying.

Life is for the expansion of happiness. 

Your karma may be to choose suffering and scarcity. But your dharma can be to receive and celebrate. The former is too much work. The latter says ease and grace.

You choose.

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