January Mini Retreat

Passion. Dream. Desire.

Create Your Destiny

Saturday, Jan 26, 9 a.m. - Noon
Location: Private Residence in Santa Barbara, CA

Do you envision a life of creativity, passion and freedom?

Are you ready to break through your fears and step into your biggest and most powerful dreams?

Are you ready to stop living small and start living with wild abandon and create your dream life?

We invite you to expand more into your dreams and take actions to manifest them.

We invite you to declare your biggest dreams.

Give you permission to shine your brightest light.

Crack open your creative and brilliant self, even more.

Celebrate the release of your fears and old patterns.

Get crystal clear about where you are going and create your action at the workshop.

You see, we do this for ourselves and for one another every few weeks.

Both Lisa and I have discovered that creating a beautiful life requires clarity, focus, support and commitment. We love our lives. We love where our lives are taking us.

We are committed to being the best and most powerful leaders we can be.

As the co-founders of Grace, Power and Beauty we have been learning and practicing these very things for almost a year as biz partners and individually for many years.

We love the energy we generate, the excitement and flow that is the outcome of our creativity meetings together.

We support you in finding your biggest, boldest dreams. We want to see you SHINE!
 No more living small.

Time to step forward with confidence and clarity, and SELF LOVE.

We will laugh. We will cry. We will dance and celebrate!

We invite women who are spirited, passionate, who are ready for deeper clarity and are brave enough to state their action plan at this event.

We guarantee this event will be sold-out and we want you there to dream with us.

Don't miss it.