"Your Pleasure the Body: Heal the Heart workshop was a profound process of remembrance: all of my prayers are heard. I'm always supported, as all of us are. I felt witnessed, supported and loved by both of you and the other beautiful women present. I left feeling blessed, loved, beautiful and restored.

Thank you both for this gentle and feminine, life-altering offering. I can't wait for more!"

All my love,
Kris Oster 

"I felt so well taken care of in a health and prosperity kind of way. I loved being given wise words, poems, dance moves and food prepared with love to perfection. You showered us with so many special surprises - loved the Savasana (perfect timing to absorb and fully feel what we experienced) and the rose in the gift bag, recipes and oil! Yes, it feels like a new confidence, balance and possibility is emerging. That is what your Happy Belly, Happy Soul food and playshop circle sparked in me, a quiet flexible feminine confidence that with nurturing will grow fully into consistent graceful feminine power. " ~ Kathy Lynch (GPB Retreat in SB participant)

"The Presence and Beauty between you and Aparna is’s wonderful to be bathed in such loving kindness between persons who remember manifestations." ~ Markus Stringer (Meditation + Movement Series participant)

"I was pleasantly surprised by your attention to detail and the super-smooth flow that it allowed. You created a comfortable environment and we felt loved, embraced, safe, and happy. I loved the magic of each amazing segment...gorgeous beginning, welcome, the spectacular and real women collected there, divine food and wonderful tools." ~ Shani Clark (GPB Retreat in SB participant)

"Thank you beautiful Lisa and Aparna for bringing forth the divine and being a conduit for LOVE - you model Grace, Power, & Beauty!" - Shari Hammond (GPB Retreat in SB participant)

"Lisa and Aparna, seemingly every corner turned is a stone that has paved a path for me with both of you. Honoring my past so deeply that the strings that held so tight have begun to loosen their grip. Relationships have blossomed and have become a bouquet. I find smile lines and sensations throughout my body that glisten. My heart pumps deeper knowing you two have found each other and are birthing an epicenter for women to become whole again." ~ Jo Williams (Pleasure the Body: Heal the Heart workshop participant)

"The container you created last night was incredibly supportive, open & loving. I felt that every aspect of my being was touched in an honoring & precious way. I came away with a more open heart & a better appreciation for self-love & nurturing. I'm still basking in the sweetness of it all. I look forward to spending more time with you both. With gratitude & appreciation." ~ Kris Hedene 
(Pleasure the Body: Heal the Heart workshop participant)

"The energy still lingers now and has filled my day with such joy. What I love about the circles you create is that you are calling together all these incredible women of power and healing, and we all get to bathe in each other's presence. Your exercises give us a chance to grow and express ourselves. I feel us all becoming MORE MORE MORE." ~ Suzi Wiley (Pleasure the Body: Heal the Heart workshop participant)