Monday, September 3, 2012

The Body Bliss Warm Up

by Lisa Beck

I am passionate about connecting women with their bodies through sacred dance + sensual movement.

I invite you to honor and celebrate your sacred body temple every single day.

At Grace, Power, & Beauty, we invite you to take time each day to care for and love yourself. Add daily rituals in which you nurture and care for your body, mind, & soul. 

Dance, fluid + circular body movement creates a juiciness and warmth within. It is an instant mood booster, and melts tension and stress. And you can do it every day for less than 5 min!

I have created a beautiful 4 1/2 min. movement sequence to awaken your senses and cells, warm up the joints, open the heart, and cleans the body + mind.

Do this every day, or a few times a week. A great time is in the morning after your meditation practice or quiet time.


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