Monday, September 17, 2012

You are Timeless Beauty

by Aparna Khanolkar & Lisa Beck

This body is perishable. That is a fact. This skin, this face, these limbs in its full glory and beauty now will change its form. As we age, we notice these changes and choose to either embrace or resist them. We have an opportunity to gracefully transition into a new kind of beauty, a more radiant light and spirit.

But what is beauty anyway? 

Each one of us has a different idea of beauty. We tend gravitate towards physically beautiful things, yet we know that this beauty doesn't last forever. Grasping on and trying to hold on to it does no good. Beauty is around us always. We may need to see with new eyes and realize that beautiful things are just things. We recognize and appreciate them, but we know that true beauty is timeless.

Have you noticed beautiful people who have the perfect features and yet their energy is completely unattractive? And there are those who may not have the perfect features or height or body type but are exquisitely beautiful in their energy. And others who seem to never "age" because they truly love and celebrate life every single day. That is timeless beauty.

In fact, these timeless beauties become even more beautiful over time.

We have the opportunity to cultivate these qualities and embrace our own timeless beauty. 

The youthful physical aspects that we enjoyed at one time are slowly replaced by a different kind of beauty.  One in which our inner light and wisdom shine brighter.

Beauty from the inside out.

Beauty that emerges out of years of experience and time spent on this earth.

Beauty that comes from life's joys, trials, heartache, triumphs and celebrations.

Beauty that heals and guides the younger generations, and shows them that they, too, possess timeless beauty.
Timeless beauty is cultivated from within. It may have even begun with a rough, hardheadedness or a simple lack of awareness. And when you are ready for the softness and richness that is a result of allowing, then your true beauty emerges.

No rushing, forcing, imposing.

Observing, listening to your inner voice.

Acting when required, without exertion.

Trusting the flow of karma, dharma and life itself.

Expecting good outcomes.

Seeing the inner beauty and poignancy of life in yourself and others.

Being strong and wise, sexy and sassy and a mother to all and knowing when to bring each of those out.

Being of service, here to share and celebrate all that life brings. Here to be a beacon of love and light on this planet. 

Knowing that expecting good for others and helping take care of others is an investment in them and yourself. Because you are the other and the other is you.

That is timeless beauty. Trends, trauma and traditions don’t stop you. Inspiration, feeling bewildered even when you are 70 and reaching for love is timeless beauty.

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