Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Meditate?

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By Aparna Khanolkar

Meditation is the oldest Vedic technique to quiet the mind in order to experience our higher consciousness. 

Higher consciousness is our true Nature. 

After all, consciousness is what makes the universe go around. The more we experience our true Nature, the more grace we invite into our lives.

We at Grace, Power and Beauty highly encourage women and men to meditate each day. It’s like anything else in life. Your thoughts create your reality. The benefits of meditation are exponential. The more you experience your higher consciousness, the greater your trust and peace of mind. Your intuition is stronger; your clarity and vision clearer. Your life’s decisions are made with ease and confidence.

There are many forms of meditation. Japa mantra meditation is one of my favorites. Many people are trained in Transcendental Meditation, which is also mantra-based, but a silent practice. Guided meditations are also popular as they take the person through a deliberate journey to induce a sense of peace within.

15 minutes twice a day is sufficient to bring you back into alignment or take you deeper into alignment with your true Nature. We cannot stop our thoughts or mind. We can however, dive into the bliss of the Unified field and return to our lives rejuvenated and clear.

Japa mantra practice is easy and simple. We would like you to practice a Lakshmi mantra. She is the Goddess of spiritual and material abundance. This mantra can transport you in the realms of feminine power and deep peace. Practice this mantra 108 times a day. You can chant out loud or chant softly but audibly.

(sounds like: ohm shreem shreeya ye namaha)

Your meditation practice is a gift to yourself. Devote time to it. Cherish your solitude as you commune with the very forces that govern this Universe. Each day you meditate you will remember your own true Nature and experience great peace, self-confidence and divinity. These qualities are yours and to experience them is a your Divine Birthright.

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