Sunday, June 17, 2012

Manifestation Magic

by Aparna Khanolkar and Lisa Beck

Manifestation is the buzzword these days in the New age world. However, it is a concept that is ages old, and one that we at GPB believe strongly in.

We believe in creating the life that you want to live.

We believe that changing your thoughts will change your life.

We believe that getting crystal clear about your desires, dreams, and goals is gold.

Of course, life doesn’t always hand you what you want on a silver platter. It is a practice, a way of being and moving in this world. And sometimes karma and other life lessons + experiences that you need to go through come into play first. But cultivating thoughts that serve you, that make you feel good, and that point you in the direction that you wish to go will change your life and your experience.

Manifesting Mamas 
The feminine is said to carry within the power to manifest. As a woman, how often do you think about your power to manifest? Do you feel that you can truly manifest what you desire? Or do you feel unempowered and simply sway with the unpredictable winds of life that blow this way and that way?

We urge you to seriously consider the idea that YOU are in charge of your destiny. You have free will to think thoughts that produce certain circumstances in your life. It’s really that simple.

Make sacred intentions of what you desire and align with Universal laws and watch how things come to you.

So…how do you manifest all that you deserve?
1. Your vibration is the most important aspect of manifestation.

2. Believe that you deserve good things.

3. Know that good things are coming your way.

4. Smile and laugh as much as you can.

5. Relax.

6. If you can’t relax, take care of your anxiety and fear by meditating, dancing, deep breathing.

7. Trust the Universe.

8. Align with Divine Will.

9. Don’t struggle or resist. If it is meant to be, it will be effortless.

10. Pay attention to everything that you are manifesting no matter how small. Be thankful. Be in wonder of the magic of manifestation.

We often share with one another our fun manifestation stories. Make it a fun project. Do it as an experiment and share it with someone you love and trust. It is supposed to be fun.

In the beginning, all this may require practice on your part. That’s all right.

Have passionate devotion to your practice. 

And don’t get frustrated if you are not manifesting fast enough, or if you don’t think you are doing a good job. Again, this is a practice. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. Know that all is happening in divine time.

Give it your best. 

Life gives you in return what you give to it. Even if you begin with something simple as: “I trust,” you will feel stronger and more peaceful within a few days. If your mind wavers and goes back to old patterns of unworthiness or low self-esteem, draw your attention back to “I trust.” Do it till you feel the trust become part of who you are.

Your life is meant to be enjoyed.

You deserve great health, peace of mind, love, abundance and joy.

We want you to create the most beautiful life for yourself. It is never too late to start.

Happy Manifesting!

Aparna + Lisa

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