Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrate Your Beautiful Bod!

by Lisa Beck

At Grace, Power, & Beauty, one of the key components to living a fulfilling, joyful and happy life is through the power of SELF LOVE. This is the foundation for our offerings and our mission.

Self-love can be brought in immediately through gratitude and celebration.

Be Grateful
One way to quickly transform negative beliefs or thoughts about our bodies or our so-called “problems” is to bring gratitude into the equation. Gratitude brings us into the present moment and puts our attention on things that we appreciate in our life.

Once we bring gratitude in, then we can celebrate! We identify those things that we love about ourselves and then we celebrate them…just by noticing, feeling, and giving thanks.

Once we get into the habit of being grateful and then celebrating life, we experience more of what we want…more JOY, more BLISS, and more PLEASURE!!

Honor Your Love Machine
Body image is a huge topic, especially with women, in this society and in this time in history. Our outward appearance is supposed to be flawless, smooth, clear, lean, curvy, and YOUNG, according to the media – magazines, t.v., etc.

This is baloney! So, let’s get over it. Let’s celebrate who we are…exactly as we are. Celebrate the round parts, the bumpy parts, the wrinkles and the dimples. Celebrate the beautiful parts, the strong parts, and your “love machine” (aka your bod) as a whole. It is a beautiful work of art.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Body

1. Write it out.
Take out your journal and write out 5-10 beautiful things about you – from your personality to your physical body – and why you are grateful for those aspects of you. Bring the gratitude in right now!

2. Move it.
Each and every day, move your body in some way. Walk, run, bike, swim, dance, fly a kite, make love, jump rope, play with your children. Every time you move your love machine, you celebrate it!

3. Rest.
Take a breather. Take a break. Bring silence into your life each day. Sit in your yard and listen to the gentle breeze tickle the leaves of the trees. Take a 15 min cat nap on the couch or in your bedroom. Snuggle with your cat, nuzzle with your dog, embrace your children and loved ones and linger longer than usual…breathe in the love you feel from them.

4. Express Love.
The more you walk, act, and operate from a place of love, the more love you feel in return and the more confident, clear, radiant, and beautiful you become. Attractiveness comes from the inside out. It is easier than you think. This is why I call the body, our “love machine”!

5. Get a massage (or similar body work/treatment).
Invest in your body! Yes, this is definitely in my top 5. If you are not comfortable with hands on your body, then get a reiki treatment, facial, take a sauna or steam…and allow your body to melt. Give the message to yourself and to your body that you love, cherish and adore it, that it is worthy of extra care and nurturing.

The more you celebrate your body, your “love machine”, the more you will experience joy, connection, and bliss in your life.

Begin today!

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