Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pleasure + Bliss is Yours

The Pleasure Principle
by Aparna Khanolkar

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the most radical way?

No, I don't mean working harder or making more money. I mean, are you ready to shift from suffering to guilt-free fun?

I was asked 8 years ago by a friend what I'd do for fun if I had three hours to myself. The best I could do was blank stare.

I had no idea.

I was so busy with working, raising children, cleaning and chores that the idea of fun did not even cross my mind. Needless to say, I got everything done on my list AND I was dull and rather unhappy.

Fast forward seven years.

I got tired of being unhappy. I began hula hooping, dancing, singing, going to drum circles and hanging out with my sisters. And slowly but surely I realized that bliss was my birthright.

I was done with suffering. Life will still happen, BUT I always have the option of reaching for my guilt-free fun and pleasure.

A few months ago, Lisa and I were making our annual workshop plans and we realized that fun lovers that we are, we had to show the ladies how to enjoy themselves.

All the joy and pleasure you want is in YOU. How do you experience it? First, by finding things that make you feel good. Second, make a commitment to make time for those things.

For us it is dancing, exercising, laughing, connecting with our sisters and meditating. Feeling good within is the only way to success in everything we do.

So, we created a delicious, delightful workshop for you ladies:

Pleasure the Body + Heal the Heart:
A Sensual Celebration for Women

An evening of sensual dance, mantra chanting, ancient Vedic knowledge that is so timeless and universal that it will melt your sacred heart and oh yes, decadent Vegan chocolate cake with cashew rose cream.

Please watch our special video invitation just for you:

Pleasure the Body, Heal the Heart
A Sensual Celebration for Women Only

 It is our divine birthright to experience and practice pleasure, bliss, self-love, and joy on a daily basis. This life is suppose to be fun, not stressful or too serious!

Join us as we celebrate our bodies and our true sensual nature as women in this world.
Chanting, meditation, sensual dance, chocolate cake and more...

Reserve Your Space Now ($50 for 1, $90 for 2): 

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