Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Four Ways to Shakti Rising

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Four ways to Shakti Rising 

by Aparna Khanolkar

Since ancient times, women have been considered the upholders of “Dharma.” Dharma in this case refers to cosmic principles and righteousness.

Now more than ever, feminine energy is required for transforming the planet and individuals. 

Be open to the flow of divine love, as this will facilitate the birth of higher consciousness. Use your feminine qualities such as compassion, devotion, and gentleness to act as a soothing balm to all of life’s suffering and anguish.

Shakti is a flowing, graceful energy that is aligned with universal power

We don’t need to wait for men or our families to give us permission to honor our feminine energy. We ourselves must revere and protect these healing powers that are inherent in every woman.

Here we offer you four practices to cultivate Shakti energy.


Connect to the deep silence within you. When you dive into your own BLISS and connect with higher consciousness, you reap many physical benefits and sharpen your intuition. From that place, life will flow easily.


To honor the GODDESS within you is to practice self-love and spiritual expansion. Consider every event in your life as an opportunity for transformation. Transformation does not have to be dramatic and full of resistance. When you hear your own soul speak to you, pay close attention. Everything you need is being revealed to you.


The Universe is BENEVOLENT. Your trust is birthed from the awareness you develop from meditation. Your heightened intuition gives you clarity and discrimination. Deep trust and faith gives you numerous opportunities to be kind to yourself and create greater harmony in your life.


Each time you yield, you are making a sacred pact with yourself to attract the full SUPPORT of the universe. The universe is waiting and eager to support your highest good. Sit back and allow things to come to you. Give up pursuing and “making things happen.”

Practice at least one of these each day. When you hear your soul speak to you, write it down. Be thankful for the Shakti energy that is watching over you each day. Rejoice in your growth and silence. Radiate your love first to yourself and the world around you will feel it and be thankful for it.

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